If you wish you had a friend that would always cheer you up… then get the Sassy Zen Cards and EBook! Brighten up your days and play with the cards, and check out a “one dollar – one minute” coaching session with Lillian, she is FAB!

Ingvild Waerhaug, Artist and Vedic Art teacher



Within the last 6 weeks of coaching through the Sassy Zen program I have dropped 2 pant sizes and have absolutely no stress around my eating or life in general. I believe the whole concept of Sassy Zen coaching through Lillian has brought to me is each step of the process is easy, stay relaxed and stress free in all of my decisions. Bringing stress into the body is where I had been emotionally eating instead of making eating a sacred time and enjoying the process of creating new things. I have been applying those same principles to my work and relationships and everything is falling into place.

Wilene Dunn
Dallas, Texas


Lillian Gottlieb is an incredible health coach! Her coaching prowess reverberates with sincere compassion, sound intuition, sage advise, and wholesome planning. She believes that the strategy of ”one size fits all’ has no place in coaching individuals…Lillian works with me based on my specific needs and goals. Her positive and affirming style energizes me to keep moving forward, no matter how small the steps, as each step is important. She helps me appreciate each step and is a consumate champion along the way. Lillian is a natural at coaching, being able to bring together all aspects of a client’s life to discover together tools and daily living strategies that are not overwhelming, yet are challenging enough to generate growth and progress. I highly recommend Lillian! Bravo!!

Heidi E. Russell
Cultural Fine Art Photographer ~ Global Curator
International Women Artists’ Salon, founder


Designing your day has such a nice flow to it. It empowers you to be creative with how you approach life, versus feeling that oyu have to work so hard towards bettering your world.

Debra K. Bedell


I want to thank you so very much for creating Anabel,who helps me design my day, each and every day.I don’t even open any emails, sign on to FB, Linkedin orany other network, until I have conferred with Anabel for the day.Anabel’s daily design thoughts bring a smile to my face and I can’tthink of a better way to start my day.

Nancy Duffy
Managing Director of Chapter Development Over 40 Females