R U Awake????


So you woke up this morning and…..

…you woke up…really? 

Let’s put it to the Sassy Zen test…

 Once you were no longer sleeping, is gratitude the first thing you felt?

 If not…oh well… then you didn’t really wake up …because, if you had, you would have noticed you were awake and you would have acknowledged the gift of a brand new day…the gift of being alive.    When you receive a gift, you say, “Thank you”, right? 

 Instead, did you just groan …have to get up…same old same old…

 Really?  How can that be?  It’s a brand new day…

It’s possible to move from one sleep state to another sleep state…where everything is the same as it was yesterday.  Are you picking up all the same worries and concerns and thoughts and attitudes that you went to bed with?

 Before you even open your eyes, are you already creating the same soap opera?…maybe a new episode…but same old story…same dynamics…same issues…same worries…same cast of characters, same frustrations…same limitations…same reactions?…

 Opening our eyes and seeing the same old same old is not waking up…

 Waking up is welcoming this brand new day and making the conscious decision to line up our thoughts, feelings and intentions with the way we want to live it.

 If we want to just passively and automatically experience the same stress, the same worry, the same discouragement, the same frustrations, and if we go ahead and respond to them in the same old automatic way…well then…that means we are choosing to not wake up.

 And who wants to make that choice?  Perhaps you didn’t realize it was a choice?  Well…now you know…it IS a choice.  Either slip unthinkingly into the same habitual attitudes and responses, or deliberately choose to design the day in a way that serves your own best interests…

 You’re going to decide what to wear today, right?  Well then…why not decide how you’re going to show up today?  You want to feel good…you want to feel happy…you want to feel light and energetic…you want to feel creative and prosperous and successful…OK…good! 

 Between the time you open your eyes and the time you put you feet on the floor, why not pause for a moment and make the conscious choice to truly wake up?   

 Acknowledge the gift of a brand new day.  Express gratitude for your life…for your breath and for your beating heart.  Begin the day by deciding you’re going to make deliberate choices about how you’re going to think and feel and act. 

Begin the day by appreciating the opportunity to live it.

Lillian Gottlieb and Sassy Zen do not to prescribe diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. A holistic health coach is a mentor and guide who has been trained in holistic health coaching to help clients reach their own health goals by helping clients devise and implement positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.

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