Free Stuff

Star Chart

Here’s a fun way to chart your progress, as you enjoy the reward and satisfaction of earning your gold stars for achieving your daily intentions.  There are two versions of this chart…one filled in and one blank, so you can add your own categories.  Click on the image to download  and print a high resolution PDF.  Start earning your gold stars now!  :-)


Sassy Zen Patterns

Do you have a Sassy Zen card deck? If not, you can get one here, or go ahead and play with these patterns using any inspiration card deck you now enjoy.  Click on the image to download and print a high resolution PDF.

The Sassy Zen patterns are a map into your inner wisdom and intuition. By contemplating possible meanings of the cards as they appear in the different positions you gain valuable insights on your way to a happier and healthier life.. Play as often as you like. Notice the messages as they are constantly changing to reflect different aspects of your life.