Don’t Take Away my Bagel! GRRRRRRRRRRR

don't take away my bagel

When we think about wanting to lose weight, we immediately think of things we have to stop eating…Of course, that means giving up all the foods we most enjoy…uhhhhh…so is it any huge surprise that the endeavor seems just too too unpleasant and difficult…OY! …the deprivation…

 OK…clearly beginning something that just seems like such a hardship…something that will result in such a loss of pleasure…isn’t really very motivating, is it?  …sooooooooo…let’s try putting a Sassy Zen spin on this…

 Imagine a glass of water filled right up to the top…now, imagine dropping an ice cube in that glass…what’s going to happen? …some of the water in the glass is going to spill out, right?…and, as the ice cube melts it will become part of the water…but now it’s different water…right?

 So exactly how does that translate into wanting to lose weight??? 

 Let’s say you’re in the habit of starting the day eating a bagel and cream cheese…YUM!  …and, on the premise of adding something (Do NOT take away my bagel!!!), we decide that before we eat the bagel we’ll first eat an apple…or a banana…Well…now, like in that glass of water…we’ve filled it up more…and maybe, as we’re now eating that bagel with cream cheese, we find, after we’ve consumed half of it, that our tummy just feels too full to eat the other half…maybe we’ll find that the bagel is just not tasting quite as yummy as usual?…? …maybe it’s not feeling quite as satisfying? …I say “maybe”…because…who knows…Won’t know till we try it, right?

 So, now maybe we start thinking…mmmhhhmmm…what if I eat that bagel later?…or what if I traded in the bagel for a toasted English muffin?  Or…what would that apple taste like cut it up in slices and dipped in some yogurt?…or what would it be like if I ate the apple or the banana along with a handful of raw almonds and some raisins? …or how about stirring the fruit, almonds and raisins into a cup of yogurt?…or what if I __________ what?   Something in our thinking is for sure going to be different…why???  Because something IS different… Like our metaphoric glass of water…we’ve added something in…and it’s going to crowd something out…right?

 The Sassy Zen philosophy is, “Don’t butt heads…especially not with yourself.”  We never ever want to make ourselves feel deprived….or like we’re withholding pleasurable experiences from ourselves…That’s definitely butting heads with ourselves, isn’t it?  What we’re aiming for is our full cooperation in getting from point A to point B…and to LMNOP…and beyond….

Lillian Gottlieb and Sassy Zen do not to prescribe diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. A holistic health coach is a mentor and guide who has been trained in holistic health coaching to help clients reach their own health goals by helping clients devise and implement positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.”


2 thoughts on “Don’t Take Away my Bagel! GRRRRRRRRRRR

  1. Alida

    Someone once suggested I drink a glass of water before my meals so I would eat less because my tummy would get full faster. That never resonated with me. Felt like deprivation! Now your idea to eat something super healthy first makes complete sense! I love it…”Deprivation, Goodbye!”

  2. lillian

    That’s funny, Alida…I was going to suggest two glasses of water…good thing I didn’t! :-) …Though it’s also said that starting a meal with soup is also filling..(but…for breakfast?….mmmhhhmmm…maybe not really so out there…The Japanese have Miso soup for breakfast)…I think it’s good to consider different ideas…and experiment.

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